A Cleaner Way To Hydrate

Cactus Water Based

Fat Leaf Water is a lifestyle brand that taps into the desire within all of us to feel good while we move.  Inside out.

Prickly pear is packed with antioxidants, electrolytes and Vitamin C.  This powerhouse trifecta fights cell damage that can lead to a number of long-term health issues, keeps you hydrated and glowing, boosts muscle recovery and builds immunity.

Taurine has been dubbed the “wonder molecule” by scientists. Why? It’s been shown to have several health benefits, including aiding digestion, regulating the immune system, and improving athletic performance.

How It All Started

Fat Leaf Water was inspired by summer camp memories in the 1980s where all the campers drank from a communal cooler filled with a watered-down Kool-Aid mixture, which was lovingly called “bug juice”. It was this childhood creation which set Elyse on the path of finding a tasty, healthy and natural version of the drink for the wellness age and making our world greener and healthier one bottle at a time. Elyse & Ruth met at a holiday dinner in 2017, where they learned that they shared a love for shopping. Grocery shopping! This conversation about their passion for food continued two years later when Elyse's new venture with Fat Leaf Water was beginning. This original product idea mirrored what they both saw as the complex yet the oh-so-natural relationship between proper nutrition and one's health and wellness.  

"Elyse loves to explore the mountains and is gearing up for her first multi-pitch climb this spring!"

With Elyse's food and beverage experience coupled with her media background and Ruth's expertise in building community wellness and physical science-based engineering, it was a perfect fit for Fat Leaf Water. A fit as natural as finding prickly pear fruit in the arid Southwest of the U.S. The result? A partnership that brings you the first-ever cactus-based sports beverage to market. 

 "Ruth is dreaming about alfresco dining and making farm-to-table dinners. Build, plant, harvest, create and enjoy!"


- Kinya Claiborne, Editor-in-Chief of Style & Society Magazine