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Fat Leaf Water. The first cactus tapped sports drink.

plant based

vegan product

gluten free

female founded & certified women owned

Healthy Hydration 

Thoughtful balance for the body and thoughtful consideration for the environment. 

The cactus is a resilient and overlooked super plant. We put the prickly pear juice part of this super plant in a bottle, added a boost of taurine, and sweetened it slightly and naturally. All this in a bottle means you can work out longer. Be stronger. Be healthier. 

We’ve naturally and locally sourced our prickly pear juice. This means less emission waste and a short travel time for peak freshness.

Fat Leaf Water Variety Pack

Hyper-hydration from a super plant that comes in three unique, tasty and refreshing flavors. Natural coloring and functional benefits in each replenishing bottle.

Rimrock Red. Sweet. Yet tart. Just how you like it.

Key Lime Mirage. Stirs up memories of the beach and vacation. We all love vacation. 

Mojave Citrus. Refreshing citrus with an extra immune-boosting kick.